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  1. Feshura

    Lara Croft is an archeologist and adventurer appearing in the Witchblade crossovers. As Lucas Moralto began to sense that he won't live for long any more, he commissioned Lara to retrieve a talisman with a black pearl, that is believed to be a wellspring of immortality, from a labyrinth in the.
  2. Kagalmaran

    The Witchblade is the offspring of The Darkness and The Angelus. It passes from one female Human host to another once every few generations. Sara Pezzini is the current host of The Witchblade. The Witchblade was discovered in modern times in Greece by Kenneth Irons, but .
  3. Tok

    The Witchblade augments her physical attributes to the point where she can dodge laser fire and catch bullets with her hands easily. Haha ok just checking. Witchblade looks pretty bad ass.
  4. Zulkiran

    Witchblade is the story of New York detective, Sara Pezzini, whose search for justice leads her to an arcane weapon that grants her the power to battle Earth's darkest evil forces.
  5. Fetilar

    Nov 12,  · How physical to fire works? First more than 60% physical dmg converted to fire thx to the weapon and amulet, that means internal trauma bacame burn. Second the whole Forcewawe line became fire and burn. Why is pierce not overcapped? In game i have 15% more. So it is 84% (15%). Anyway the stonetread always on you, so u won’t feel anything.
  6. Zukora

    Michael Turner - Darkness and Witch Blade Michael Turner was an artist and writer best known for his work on Witchblade, Fathom and Supergirl. Sadly, Michael passed away from a relapse from bone cancer at the Santa Monica Hospital (CA) on June, 27 Yin .
  7. Moogujar

    Witchblade #51 Kindle & comiXology by Paul Jenkins (Author), Brian Ching (Penciller) Be the first to review this item. Book 54 of in Witchblade. See all 3 formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Price Fire HDX Tablet Fire HD 7 Tablet Fire HD 6 Tablet Author: Paul Jenkins.
  8. Taran

    Jun 13,  · I have the same build but Tactician and i found out the % physical damage on Rending Force actually increases the Fire damage of Forcewave. Don’t know if it’s because the % physical is increasing flat physical, therefore more to be converted to fire, but that’s what happens.
  9. Braktilar

    after the patch, i wouldn't ever do scholo just to get this dagger. witchblade is barely better than a hypnotic blade (+5 damage/healing, -3 spirit). if you get it, great, but its not worth going out of your way to get. a level 60 can farm a hypnotic blade in an hour. it'll be .

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